ZeGame in 2D is something I made in 7 hours to train my abilities in Game Maker. I had tons of fun making it. ZeGame is a game by Jespertheend, that it is coming soon on iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows and Linux and also can be found in the Steam store as it got greenlight! You can learn more about ZeGame here: zegame.jespertheend.com, zegame.jespertheend.com/steam

More levels are to come! You can submit your own levels and level ideas on the comments! You can do this easily with a gridded piece of paper! Circle is the moving block/blocks, filled are grey blocks and x are teleporter blocks!

When you use teleporter blocks, you cannot use more than one green block!

When you use teleporter blocks, there must be only two blocks of each group! Inside the x you can put different numbers so you can have multiple teleporters!

Available stuff:

  • Green and Blue blocks
  • Grey 'Stopping' blocks
  • Greyer 'Stop' blocks
  • Purple/Dark blue 'Teleporting' blocks
  • A handful of fun and challenging levels!
  • Controller support
  • WASD and arrows support
  • R (and X on controller) reloads the level!
  • Exit screen (Escape/Menu buttons on controller). Click to close, A on gamepad to close
  • Custom Splash Screen!!! (Thanks 2zqa!)
  • Savefile (if you want to be deleted, go to %localappdata%/zegame and delete the save.ini file!)

Music Licence:

"Kawai Kitsune"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Install instructions

Download now for free! It is an exe file ready for run! No install, no nothing! Always download the latest version!


ZeGame.exe 2 MB
ZeGame (1.1.1).exe 2 MB
ZeGame (1.1.5).exe 2 MB
ZeGame (1.2) Win.exe 17 MB
ZeGame (1.2.1) Win.exe 17 MB
ZeGame (1.3.0).exe 17 MB
ZeGame (1.3.1) (Win).exe 17 MB

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